Academic Coaching Programme

Our series of Academic Coaching Classes are designed to assist and support your Child to achieve excellence.

Key Features

Small Class Size

At our learning centre located in Beauty World Plaza, our class size is kept between three to six students.

Qualified Coaches

Our coaches are experienced NIE-trained MOE educators.  Some have held curriculum leadership appointments.

Quality Learning Environment

We are newly renovated with all the necessary IT equipment such as Interactive Whiteboard and visualizer to support effective teaching and learning.

Quality Curriculum

Our coaches are professional educators who have synthesized key learning objectives and resources to provide quality curriculum.  We constantly keep abreast with new educational development.

Connect for Help
(Premium Members)

Premium members can email or whatsapp for short clarification on understanding.  There is no need to wait till the next lesson.

Access to Learning Resources
(Premium Members)

Learning resources will be accessible to premium members.  This comprises solutions to past year papers, articles and other learning resources.

Schools that Our Students are from

Academic Coaching Program

Academic Coaching Classes

Designed to assist and support your Child to achieve excellence.  Our coaches are experienced and NIE-trained teachers.  Your Child's success is our business.

Can't find a suitable time?

No worries.  If you can find at least 2 other students, we can try to arrange a class for you.
Please contact us to enquire so that we may open a class.

Sec 1 Math/Science Class

Currently, there is no class planned.
Please contact us to enquire so that we may open a class.

Beauty World Plaza Classes (2023) - Completely filled (Please enquire)

We do run classes in Marine Parade and Pasir Ris in our partner centres.
Contact us to find out more.

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