Educational Services

We are confident in providing you and your Child with professional educational services.

Key Features

Professional Services

We are experienced ex-MOE Senior Education Officers who have served in various leadership roles in school.  We have vast experiences to advise and provide guidance.

Personalized Service

We manage each case personally and provide customized solutions and advice based on the merits of each case.

Prompt Response

We put aside time to handle each case and expect our prompt responses.

Quality Solution

We ensure that we provide the best possible solution for your Child.  Your Child receive the best possible support.

Educational Mentoring & Coaching

Educational Mentoring / Coaching

Our Educational Coaches / Mentors provide coaching to have better clarity, strategy and accountability and design bespoke personal development plans, which comprises micro-modules training in personal effectiveness,  people engagement skills and life skills, for their protégé.

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Educational Consultancy

We provide guidance and advice on educational matters such as Direct School Admission, PSLE Access Arrangement, School Selection and any other education-related matters.

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