Parents' Programmes

You (Parents) are our partners for your Child's success.

Key Features

Professional Educators

Our coaches are experienced NIE-trained MOE educators.  Some have held curriculum leadership appointments.  We are kept abreast with the latest education developments.

Parents as Partners

We view parents as an integral part of the Child's success.  We believe in equipping parents with the necessary tools to continue supporting the Child at home.

Quality Learning Environment

We are newly renovated with all the necessary IT equipment such as Interactive Whiteboard and visualizer to support effective teaching and learning.

Quality Curriculum

Our coaches are professional educators who have synthesized key learning objectives and resources to provide quality curriculum.  We curate the necessary and critical content for our Parents' Programmes.

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Science Upskill Series
(Parents of P4-P6 Students)

In this series, we unravel the mystery behind how to improve your Child's performance in Primary Science.  We will cover some of the main concepts in Primary Science, key process skills needed by students and most importantly, the answering techniques for Open-ended Questions.

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Math Heuristics Series
(Parents of P5-P6 Students)

In this series, we cover the 7 main Math Heuristics that our students learn in our centre that prepares them to solve more complex Math questions in a more efficient and effective approach.

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PSLE Preparation Series
(Suitable for Parents of P4-P6 Students)

This series comprises information on the PSLE examination structure, timeline for preparation, various aspects beyond academic studies of preparing your Child, and other topics such as DSA and Access Arrangement.

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