Alan Tan

Principal Coach (Math & Science) / Educational Mentor

Alan Tan

Principal Coach (Math & Science) / Educational Mentor
  • Master of Science (NTU)
  • Bachelor of Science (Merit) Diploma in Education (NIE)
  • Diploma in Departmental Management (NIE)
  • 1999 NTU Alumni Book Prize (All-rounded academic and leadership performance)
  • 2015 National Day Award Recipient (Commendation Medal)
  • 2017 MOE Long Service Award (20 Years)
  • MOE Teaching Scholarship Recipient
  • Multiple MOE Outstanding Contribution Awards
  • Ex-MOE Senior Education Officer
  • Ex-MOE School Staff Developer
  • Ex-MOE HQ Staff Officer
  • Ex-MOE Head/Science Department
  • SAF Army Officer (NS)
Principal Coach / Mentor

In 1994, Mr Alan Tan was at the crossroad of deciding to be a leader of man (SAF-Regular Officer) or to mould the Future of our Nation (MOE Teacher).  He chose the latter and was awarded the MOE Teaching Scholarship to pursue a degree in Mathematics and Chemistry in NTU and a Diploma in Education (Primary/Secondary/JC).  During his undergraduate studies, he did four teaching practicums in both Primary and Secondary Schools.  He completed in undergraduate studies and was awarded NTU Alumni Book Prize for outstanding performance in both academic and non-academic contributions (Boys' Brigade) in 1999.

In 1999, he started teaching in schools and served in MOE HQ till Feb 2022.  During his stint in MOE schools and HQ, he held various curriculum leadership roles, staff development roles and HQ Staff Officer role.  In 2007, he was promoted to Senior Education Officer grade and in the same year, he completed his Diploma in Departmental Management.  In 2015, he was again promoted to the next higher Senior Education Officer grade and he was awarded the National Day Award (Commendation Medal).

He enjoys teaching students of various abilities.  His teaching style is adaptive to the learning style and abilities of his students.  He is able to manage the learning pace and learning objectives for his student in order to optimise the time available.  He provides educational coaching and mentoring to students and oversees their holistic development.  He is competent in developing students' ability in Math Heuristics, Science process skills and Examination Answering Techniques.

His personal interests are in education matters, leadership studies and web designing.

Overall Rating



Educational Mentoring / Coaching Programme

"When I engaged Mr Tan to be Xavier's personal educational coach, I was not sure about the outcome.  We are pleasantly surprised that within 6 months, we can see significant improvement in Xavier's development in various areas."

— Serene Tan
Mother of Xavier (Dunman High School)

Academic Coaching Programme

"Mr Tan is proactive and plans ahead to ensure Joseph is prepared for coming examination."

— Catherine
Mother of Joseph Lim (ACS Junior)

Maths Heuristics (Premium Courses)

"Coach Alan makes Math Heuristics so simple for me.  I am now able to solve difficult Math questions without feeling so sad."

— Melody Sim
Student (Nan Chiau Primary)

Academic Coaching Programme

"Teacher Alan is approachable and patient even with giving parents advice on managing school matters."

— Mrs Madeleine Choy
Mother of Colin Choy (Pei Hwa Presbyterian)

P6 Science Accelerator (Premium Courses)

"Mr Tan taught us the important concepts and common questions ahead of our P6 year.  It has helped me to understand my teacher's teaching better now."

— Su Chin
Student (Ngee Ann Primary)

Academic Coaching Programme

"It is a surprise to us that Mr Tan can coach Yi Han, who has never done well in Science, to get a A in PSLE."

— Eric Tan
Father of Yi Han (St Andrew's Junior)
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